1. Home Sweet Home

    Today is That Day in New Orleans, that day nine years ago when the levees broke. This year, instead of elegy, I offer a new challenge.

    I bet most of you, if not all of you, have something you want to do that you’ve been putting off - until you get the time, until you get the money, you know the drill. Not something big, not the trip to Mexico or Paris, but something small around where you live that caught your interest and your imagination: a matinee on a weekday, a new restaurant or an old favorite you’ve neglected, an exhibition at a gallery downtown, a hike in the state park, a concert at a club that maybe means staying out a bit too late. That thing that makes you say, Man, I’d really like to…Man, I wish I could…

    My challenge to you? Let the good times roll.

    Do it. Do it today. Do it this weekend. Do it with someone you love. Call out sick. Spend the money. Because next week, next month, tomorrow - they usually come, they probably will, but sometimes they don’t and you’re left with the saddest words: “If only … “

    I was going to call it the K+9 Challenge, but let’s do better than that. Let’s call it the Home Sweet Home Challenge. Do it. Nobody is gonna have your fun for you.


  2. We still here, us. Home. Now and forever.

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