1. Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge for Team Gleason

  2. Game night


  3. What happens when someone starts hunting women in Maureen Coughlin’s New Orleans neighborhood?

    Find out in the new short story, “Let It Hurt.”

  4. First, if you were a student in my English class between ‘91 and ‘00, you know what Robin Williams and his role as John Keating in particular, meant to me. It’s a big reason, though not the only reason, you had to sit through all that Whitman, though truth be told I discovered Uncle Walt in high school in the ’80s.

    Second, if you’re going to hate on someone who died from depression (rich and famous or not), which is in fact a health issue and monster and a killer despite the fact it doesn’t get its own color, or car magnets, or its own awareness campaigns from major league sports and credit card companies, and isn’t covered in most health insurance plans, please hit that unfriend or unfollow button. Because you don’t know me and we are not friends.

  5. Got my galleys today. Step by step it becomes a book. What do y’all think of the radical new cover?